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About Country
About Country

Just imagine a country which has nine climatic zones from eleven existing, inhabited with more than twelve thousand species of animals and with a variety of plants growing.   

The residents of that country are taking oil therapeutic baths and live in salt caves for treatment. They weave the best carpets in the world and UNESCO puts them on the list of World Cultural Heritage. Their spare time is devoted to enjoying the richest national cuisine which has more than 300 types of dishes. Around 120 various versions of pilaf are cooked over here. Well, of course, this is washed down by a wonderful local wine while listening to national music “Mugam” which has no world analogs. It may well be that people here are well-known over the world for their hospitality.

The first humans cherished the beauty of these lands long ago choosing them one of the first settlements of prehistoric times and leaving behind more than 3500 rock carvings and petroglyphs. Many years later it was here that the first oil well drilled and first oil tanker sailed. Oil production in the sea was started here for the first time. And of course, achieving a success with this approach, more than half of world oil was produced here indeed, if anywhere by 1901. During the World War 2 around 80 % of Soviet Army’s fuel was supplied from Azerbaijan. 

The history of Azerbaijan is closely linked to oil production. The famous Nobel Prize is still being awarded from the funds collected and gained here by Alfred Nobel and his oil company, their office is still operated in the capital of Azerbaijan.

The country is called a land of fire as there are a burning mountain and preserved fire worshippers’ temple where the mystical fire is still not going out. It is referred by the scientists as Mars on the earth given 90 % of world mud volcanos are located here. According to NASA, mud volcanos are similar to the red planet’s higher grounds.

Azerbaijan is a country of local color, tolerance, and culture. The capital of Azerbaijan is a home for more than 72 nationalities of people. The temples of all the main religious trends are presented in the country.

However, it is a modern and rapidly developing country with a rich history which has been and still is a cultural center of the region. For all the Muslim countries this was for the first time when the women got a voting right, opera building constructed and the first opera created.  It may be the reason this country was the first democratic, secular republic all over the Muslim world.

Nevertheless, the only way to understand how beautiful this city is will be visiting the capital of this wonderful country.

                                   Welcome to Azerbaijan!!!



Долговременные и надежные отношения с нашими партнерами за рубежом предполагают широкий выбор туристических услуг по очень приемлемым ценам. Мы глубоко уважительно относимся к желаниям и предпочтениям каждого нашего клиента и стараемся делать все возможное для того, чтобы путешествие оставило незабываемые впечатления, а также было комфортным, интересным и увлекательным. Благодаря опыту и профессионализму наших сотрудников организация Вашего досуга пройдет в дружественной и непринужденной обстановке.


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